The Structure

The structure of the Alt-MBA is designed to move graduates into employment.

  • 8 months learning in 8 modules (Part-time study)
  • One-to-One coaching (Online): 6 sessions
  • 2 month internship (Full-time)
  • 2 months for finalizing projects and getting placed
  • Access to monthly face-to-face workshops organized at different locations in India
  • Access to career days organized in July 2019 and August 2019 (organized in 10 Indian cities)
  • Job placement before 20th September 2019

Our Slack community will be open and active every day during the eight month period. The mentors and learning managers are always there to support.

In order to gain certification:

  1. 6 assignments submitted and evaluated
  2. 1 project + online defence

Upon successful completion we will assist you with a job placement where you can expect a salary of 4-8 Lakhs.

The Course

The Alt-MBA contain eight modules, each covering a different part of the Agri, Food & Retail sector. Click into a module to explore the learning objectives.

Module 1: Foundation of Management

  • Management basics
  • Marketing basics
  • Quantitative techniques
  • Finance and accounting basics
  • Business of technology basics
  • Basics soft-skills
  • Food and agribusiness supply chains in India – Fundamentals

Module 2: Agribusiness Supply Chains in India

  • Doubling the Farmers income in India – The Big picture
  • Doubling the Farmers income in India – The role of different stakeholders
  • Doubling the Farmers Income in India – The role of different technologies
  • Doubling the farmers income in India – The role of different market side interventions
  • Logistics and supply chain innovations in India
  • How to make producer organizations more competitive
  • How to create opportunity from food losses

Module 3: Circular Food Chains

  • Global Agribusiness and Food Sustainability Trends
  • How to change the Food Game
  • How Can we build a circular food value chain
  • What are the Frameworks for designing a Food Business Model?
  • Create a Business Model: Snack and Ingredient Manufacturer
  • Value Chain Finance
  • Path to Profitability in Agribusiness

Module 4: Horticulture Business Studies

  • Horticulture value chains in India
  • The potential for high-tech horticulture technologies (greenhouse cultivation, vertical farming, roof-top farming etc)
  • Market realities in global fresh produce industry
  • Designing a business model for a grower cooperation
  • Making sense of the fresh produce retail developments
  • Successful horticulture business models from around the world

Module 5: Food Processing Business Studies

  • Mapping the food processing landscape in India
  • How to innovate with Food Products
  • How to Manage Food Allergens
  • How to manage food traceability
  • How can you deal with Risk and Recall Management
  • Create a Business Model: Snack and Ingredient Manufacturer

Module 6: Food Retail

  • Mapping the food retail landscape in India
  • Reviewing the food retail business models in India
  • Game changing Retail Innovations
  • Secrets to premium food marketplaces
  • Developments in Global Retail: Learn to use global retail developments

Module 7: Data Analytics

  • How to do quantitative data analytics
  • How to do demand forecasting
  • How to carry out regression analysis
  • Analytical tools to carry out market research
  • How to price products
  • How to build a business case for risk-management

Module 8: Agtech Business Studies

  • Dynamics of Digital Agriculture
  • Beyond Big Data: Digital Agriculture
  • Business model review of Sickle Innovations
  • Trading agriculture commodities using blockchain
  • Reviewing AgTech Innovations and business models in India
  • Financing the Agtech Innovations

The modules will each take one month to complete. There is also a Soft Skills session in each module, to help you improve your business communication, research and presentation skills.

Month 9 & 10 of the Alt-MBA is the internship arranged at one of Agribusiness Academy’s industry partner companies.

During Month 11 & 12, you will complete a presentation on your internship, attend the career days and move into employment. We expect many learners to move into full-time positions with their internship company.

This means that by the end of September 2019, you can expect to be in a job with a salary of 4-8 Lakhs.

Student Feedback

“Agribusiness Academy came to me at a time when I had to make critical changes in the way value chains are run. I found the courses so useful, so inspiring, and a push in the right direction. It is the best thing that’s happened to me this year.” 

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