The Course

The Alt-MBA contain eight modules, each covering a different part of the Agri, Food & Retail sector. Click into a module to explore the learning objectives.

Module 1: Foundation of Management

  • Management basics
  • Marketing basics
  • Quantitative techniques
  • Finance and accounting basics
  • Business of technology basics
  • Basics soft-skills
  • Food and agribusiness supply chains in India – Fundamentals

Module 2: Agribusiness Supply Chains in India

  • Doubling the Farmers income in India – The Big picture
  • Doubling the Farmers income in India – The role of different stakeholders
  • Doubling the Farmers Income in India – The role of different technologies
  • Doubling the farmers income in India – The role of different market side interventions
  • Logistics and supply chain innovations in India
  • How to make producer organizations more competitive
  • How to create opportunity from food losses

Module 3: Circular Food Chains

  • Global Agribusiness and Food Sustainability Trends
  • How to change the Food Game
  • How Can we build a circular food value chain
  • What are the Frameworks for designing a Food Business Model?
  • Create a Business Model: Snack and Ingredient Manufacturer
  • Value Chain Finance
  • Path to Profitability in Agribusiness

Module 4: Horticulture Business Studies

  • Horticulture value chains in India
  • The potential for high-tech horticulture technologies (greenhouse cultivation, vertical farming, roof-top farming etc)
  • Market realities in global fresh produce industry
  • Designing a business model for a grower cooperation
  • Making sense of the fresh produce retail developments
  • Successful horticulture business models from around the world

Module 5: Food Processing Business Studies

  • Mapping the food processing landscape in India
  • How to innovate with Food Products
  • How to Manage Food Allergens
  • How to manage food traceability
  • How can you deal with Risk and Recall Management
  • Create a Business Model: Snack and Ingredient Manufacturer

Module 6: Food Retail

  • Mapping the food retail landscape in India
  • Reviewing the food retail business models in India
  • Game changing Retail Innovations
  • Secrets to premium food marketplaces
  • Developments in Global Retail: Learn to use global retail developments

Module 7: Data Analytics

  • How to do quantitative data analytics
  • How to do demand forecasting
  • How to carry out regression analysis
  • Analytical tools to carry out market research
  • How to price products
  • How to build a business case for risk-management

Module 8: Agtech Business Studies

  • Dynamics of Digital Agriculture
  • Beyond Big Data: Digital Agriculture
  • Business model review of Sickle Innovations
  • Trading agriculture commodities using blockchain
  • Reviewing AgTech Innovations and business models in India
  • Financing the Agtech Innovations

The modules will each take one month to complete. There is also a Soft Skills session in each module, to help you improve your business communication, research and presentation skills.

Month 9 & 10 of the Alt-MBA is the internship arranged at one of Agribusiness Academy’s industry partner companies.

During Month 11 & 12, you will complete a presentation on your internship, attend the career days and move into employment. We expect many learners to move into full-time positions with their internship company.

This means that by the end of September 2019, you can expect to be in a job with a salary of 4-8 Lakhs.

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“I’ve been really enjoying the learning process designed by the Agribusiness Academy. I really appreciate the opportunity to learn in a self-paced manner due to work commitments.

Whenever I can, I try to take part in live sessions and mentoring, which give very good insights into each topic. I think that this course benefits greatly from the involvement of lecturers who are also practitioners in their respective fields.”

   – Tatiana, Alt-MBA student

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