Alt-MBA in Agribusiness, Food Processing & Sustainability

18th October 2018 – 18th October 2019

Want to contribute to solving the challenges of feeding the world, reducing food waste or global sustainability?

The Alt-MBA is a certificated course designed by Agribusiness Academy to move graduates into meaningful, successful careers.

By the end of this program, you will have the knowledge required to help build a sustainable food system for the world, whether that’s at the front of agriculture technology or in business roles for innovative companies.

You will be in a position to fill the vacant agribusiness management graduate positions which companies are currently unable to recruit for each year.

“The key isn’t the degree, it’s preparation for a good first job.”

– Forbes

  • Next cohort: 18th October 2018
  • 8 Online Learning Modules
  • 6 Coaching Sessions
  • 8 Week Work Experience/Internship
  • Optional on-site workshops in Birmingham & Newcastle
  • Help finding job on completion
  • 12 hours commitment per week
  • Learn in your own time
  1. Foundation of Management
  2. Agribusiness Supply Chains
  3. Circular Food Chains
  4. Horticulture Business Studies
  5. Food Processing Business Studies
  6. Food Retail
  7. Data Analytics
  8. Agtech Business Studies

The cost of the Alt-MBA is £200 per month for 10 months

The total cost is £2000 (a 10% discount will be applied if paid in one installment)

As Agribusiness Academy does not pay for large buildings or hundreds of staff like traditional education, we are able to provide cost effective courses that deliver value.

If for any reason you are dissatisfied, you can request a refund within the first 14 days of your program.

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