Agribusiness, Food Processing & Retail

Alternative-MBA Program for the United Kingdom

Companies across the entire food chain are seeking professional talent that is equipped to solve their business challenges; increasingly they are understanding that the graduates of today are not able to transition directly into work.

Have you finished your degree? Looking to build a successful, purposeful professional career?

If so, this Alt-MBA is for you.

Alt-MBA is designed to fill the vacant agribusiness management graduate positions which companies are currently unable to recruit for each year. We have carefully crafted a blend of expert knowledge, business soft-skills and a work placement, to make sure that you will find work.

Key Features

  • Up-to-date relevant learning material
  • Work experience placement included
  • Help finding job on completion
  • Learn in your own time


To be accepted for this program, you must fit the following criteria:

  • Agri, Science or Engineering final year undergraduate or graduate
  • Or BBA (any discipline)
  • Or General MBA students and graduates
  • 12 hours commitment per week (flexible)
  • Interested to work in Food, Agri or Retail sector

In 2018, a batchelor’s or master’s degree is not enough to secure a job. The job market is in increasingly saturated with graduates unable to deliver value to a business. Their education has not prepared them to make the transition into work.

This Alt-MBA changes that, with practical learning, one-to-one industry coaching and work experience as standard. Don’t fall in with the crowd; stand out with the Alt-MBA and access a jobs market you didn’t know existed.

How The Alt-MBA Works


Apply Today

You will be invited for a telephone interview.


Improve Your Skills

Improve your skills with practical learning for 8 modules.


8 Week Internship

Gain work experience in a small/medium sized business.


Get The Job

Agribusiness Academy will help you find suitable positions on completion.

Starts 20th September 2018

Interactive workshops held in Birmingham

How to Apply

To apply, please fill out the application form below.

We will help you to decide whether the Alt-MBA will help your career or business goals, and advice you on the best way to progress.

In order to advise you on program suitability, please provide one of the following: