Some of the frequently asked questions are listed below. You can always contact us using the button below or email apply@agribusiness.academy.

Why should I enroll on Alt-MBA?

Each year food and agribusiness sector is experiencing a shortage of more than Agribusiness graduates with industry and soft skills for critical decision-making positions.

Alt-MBA will prepare you to take up this opportunity.

What is the duration of this program?

12 months is the total program duration which has

  1. 8 months of flexible learning and coaching (90% of it is delivered on-line)
  2. 2 months of full-time company internship
  3. 2 months (for finalizing your program and transition into a job)

Is this an online or a blended learning program?

  • It is a blended learning program with majority of it on-line (90%)
  • Monthly interactive workshops across India provides opportunity for meet-ups and interaction with learning managers, experts and peers
  • Career and graduation days offer more face-to-face interaction with experts and peers

When do I become eligible for applying for the Alt-MBA?

1) While you are in your final year of study of any discipline (B.Eng, Bsc. or BBA)

2) If you have recently graduated in any discipline (B.Eng, Bsc or BBA)

3) If you have joined your work (less than 2 years) and are looking to improve your learning profile in management

Is this a degree or a certificate program? How is the program validated?

It is a certification program.

The program and the content is designed in close collaboration with our industry partners.

Can I do the Alt-MBA in parallel to my MBA?

Yes, you can. In fact, we recommend you to do it to increase your competitiveness in the job market.

What will the Alt-MBA prepare me for?

  1. Equips you to create value (money) for businesses
  2. Equips you to help businesses innovate and stay competitive
  3. Helps you differentiate yourself from academic degree holders

How will the Alt-MBA prepare me?

  • On-line training for specific job profiles
  • On-line soft-skills training
  • One-on-one coaching sessions to create your professional profile
  • On-line interactive workshop sessions every week
  • On-location face-to-face workshops each month
  • 2 months of on-the-job training with a business
  • Expert access through discussion forums

On-line and face-to-face interactive workshops will bring a lot of innovative and current content into the program

What is the academic rigor of Alt-MBA?

  • The program and the content is designed around practical business challenges and dilemmas
  • So business relevance is given more importance than academic rigor within Alt-MBA

My academic performance is not up to the required standards. Will I be able to apply and make-it to the Alt-MBA cohort?

  1. We suggest you make an application.
  2. We will invite you for a workshop interview if we feel that Alt-MBA is appropriate program for you
  3. If we feel that Alt-MBA is not appropriate for you we will let you know which of our others programs is

Will I be able to finish Alt-MBA program successfully and on-time?

After we accept the learner into this program it is our responsibility to make sure that the learner finishes on-time.

What job profiles will I become eligible for?

  1. Marketing and sales roles in Agribusiness, food processing and retail companies
  2. Logistics and supply chain roles in agribusiness, food processing and retail companies
  3. Business development roles in agribusiness, food processing and retail
  4. Sourcing and procurement roles in agribusiness, food processing and retail
  5. Agribusiness finance roles in banks and other financial institutions
  6. Custom roles in well-funded innovative agri-tech start-up companies

What is fee for Alt-MBA?

The tuition for the program is £2000 (inclusive of all taxes)

Only travel stay and food costs are not covered for the on-location workshops, career events and graduation day

Can I pay the fee in installments?

You can pay in 10 monthly installments or pay the fee up-front for a 10% discount.

What is your refund policy?

If the learner losses motivation towards the program for any reason within 30 days, we will encourage the learner to leave the program with full refund.

In no other circumstances refunds would be offered or the program period extended.

Who will my trainers and coaches be?

  • Training and discussion forums will be provided by experienced industry experts
  • Your job coaches will be working professionals that can relate with your background and have been in similar situations 2-3 years before
  • Soft-skills coaching is carried out by a very experienced professional

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