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Less than 20% of graduates get a job immediately after their graduation.

Agribusiness Academy is changing that.

4 steps to getting a job in 2018


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What do Indian Learners say about the course?

“With online learning, I can learn at home and work towards getting a job”

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Congratulations to Rakesh, Soundarya and Bharath who have started their job placements. Here they are with IOT Agritech innovator, Mr. Sisir Chandra, MD of Navariti Innovation.


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Fee to pay today: ₹5000

Fee to pay when you get a job: ₹25,000

Start date: 5th August

Salary on completion: 2-6 Lakhs

What do you get when you enroll?

  • Learn online at your own pace
  • Practical, easy-to-follow courses
  • 20 online module
  • 12 interactive workshops
  • 3 one-to-one coaching sessions
  • 6 week work placement
  • Friendly learning community
  • Employment on completion

After you enroll, one of Learner Managers will reach out to you to discuss your module options and setup your first coaching session.

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Agribusiness Academy is based at Gumidelli Commercial Complex, 11039 to 44, Old Airport Road , 500016

Interactive Workshops for Learners

Alongside easy-to-follow courses, Agribusiness Academy provide interactive workshops to allow learners to get closer to food and agribusiness experts. These might take the form of Q&A or a presentation followed by questions. It’s a fantastic way to learn online, and we’re sure you’ll enjoy putting your questions to the expert.

You can catch-up on recent workshops below. Forthcoming workshops for IRP Learners are listed below too.

Catch-up Workshops

Path to Profitability in Agribusiness

Interaction with Mrs. Chaitra Bharath - Soft-skills expert

Interaction with Food and Agri job seekers in India

How Kiji Foods hires talent & the story of Fit-o-Slim - Mr. Divesh Badani

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Forthcoming Workshops


How will I get Industry Ready with Agribusiness Academy?

This will depend on your background (although you are welcome to choose a different pathway if you’d prefer). Take a look at the appropriate video below, where Dr Vijayender Nalla, Content Director at Agribusiness Academy, will guide you through what the Industry Readiness Program might look like for you.

In addition to the learning pathway, you will go through a 6-week job placement as a part of the Industry Readiness Program. After the job placement period, you will join the payroll of one of our career partner companies.

Our Team

Learner Support

Dr Vijayender Nalla
Kanchan Hatwar
Preety Verma
Prabhu Shankar Lakshmanan

Trainers and Experts

Divesh Bhadani
Nishant Sharma
Chaitra Bharath
Shubham Chandra
Avnindra Shrivastavva
Shanmukh Sagar
Atanu Chaudhuri
Sundar Rajan


Some of the frequently asked questions are listed below. You can always contact us using the button below or email apply@agribusiness.academy.

What should be my education background to start the Industry Readiness Program?

  • Bsc Agriculture
  • Bsc Food science
  • B-tech Agriculture engineering
  • B-tech food technology
  • BBA
  • MBA

What will the Industry Readiness Program prepare me for?

The Industry Readiness Program prepares you to help businesses make more money with your knowledge, skills energy and approach.

How will the Industry Readiness Program prepare me?

  • Online training for specific job profiles
  • Online soft-skills training
  • One-on-one coaching sessions to create your professional profile
  • Online interactive sessions every week
  • 6 weeks of on-the-job training with a business
  • Expert access through discussion forums

My academic performance is not up to the required standards. Will I be able to finish your program?

Yes, you will. Our program will prepare you for a specific job/profile that you can be good at. The learning, coaching and on-the-job training will be customized to suit your strengths.

Helping you finish your program and get to the right job is our responsibility

When will I be declared Industry Ready?

After you complete all the 3 elements below you will get your industry readiness certificate and the job:

  • 14-weeks training and coaching
  • 6-weeks of on-the-job placement
  • 4-weeks of Job preparation and placement interview

Can I fast-track my Industry Readiness Program?

Yes, you can if you are fast learner. This is how your fast-track industry readiness program could look like

  • 6 weeks of training and coaching
  • 4-weeks of on-the-job placement
  • 2-weeks job preparation and placement interview

Where will I get my job after the program?

After you complete the program one of our career partner companies will offer you a job contract. Your actual work will be closer to your home base with Agri-input dealers, Agri-implement dealers, farming businesses, food processing and retail businesses

What will be my pay after the program?

This very much depends on the level of industry and soft skills, performance in your on-the-job training and the type of job profile you get selected for.

You can expect a salary range of Rs. 20,000/month to Rs. 50,0000/month

Can I speak to anyone that is has got a job through your Industry Readiness Program?

Yes, you can. After you have enrolled into the program by paying a deposit we will connect you with our current learners.

What if I do not like the program?

You will have 15 days of time to ask your deposit back if you do not like the program.

Who will be my trainers and coaches?

  • Training and discussion forums will be provided by experienced industry experts
  • Your job coaches will be working professionals that can relate with your background and have been in similar situations 2-3 years before
  • Soft-skills coaching is carried out by a very experienced professional

Can I start your Industry Readiness Program and get placed with backlogs in my education?

Yes, you can join our program with backlogs in your academic education. If you finish up all the requirements of our Industry Readiness Program we guarantee the job even with backlogs.