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“Just 7% of MBA graduates get a job immediately after their graduation”

Agribusiness Academy is changing that.

Read the course information below and decide if you’d like to increase your chances.

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What is Industry Readiness?

We use the term “Industry Ready” to describe someone who is talented, knowledgable about the sector and able to deliver value to a business.

Unfortunately, traditional education is not preparing learners in this way.

With internships, job opportunities and the latest agribusiness modules, the IRP is essential for all final year students and those who have recently graduated.

“The Industry Readiness Program not only gave me enough knowledge and skills, but also helped me to boost my career perspective. I really enjoy this program and always recommend to everyone to go for it. ” 

   – Preety Verma


The Industry Readiness Program comes with a job guarantee.

If you do not secure a position in the sector within 60 days of completing the program, we will issue a full refund.

And what’s more, we’ll also help you find internship and job opportunities from our growing network of businesses and organisations.

Can an MBA guarantee you that?

What opportunities are there in Food & Agribusiness?

The United States Department of Agriculture says:

“Between 2015 and 2020, expect an average of 26,700 annual job openings in management and business in the United States for new college graduates with expertise in food, agriculture, renewable natural resources, and the environment”

So you’re a graduate with a lot of potential – but how do you get that expertise? That’s where Agribusiness Academy comes in. We will fully prepare you to work in the sector and make the most of the opportunity that exists.

Take a look at some of the pathways that you could build a career in.

Agriculture & Agribusiness Finance

  • Loan Officer
  • Budget Analyst
  • Controller
  • Credit Analyst
  • Economist
  • Financial Analyst

Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Sourcing Manager/Coordinator
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Risk Management Specialist
  • Inventory Specialist


  • Brand Manager
  • Product Innovation Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Agri-input Marketing Representative
  • Agri-input Business Development Representative
  • Pricing Coordinator

Specialist Careers

  • Agribusiness Analyst
  • Greenhouse Manager
  • Produce Inspector
  • Production Manager
  • Project/Product Manager
  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Grain Marketing Specialist
  • Food & Beverage Manager

About the Course

Created to work alongside your current job or studies, the IRP contains a tailored schedule of courses and coaching, and 100s of people just like you, all moving in the same direction towards creating a career for themselves.

The course is made for those looking to build a rewarding career in one of the most exciting and important industries in the world. Sustainably feeding an ever increasing population, using the limited resources of the planet is a tough challenge – the sector needs incredible new talent to solve these problems, and the IRP is ready to get you started.

The IRP is for people who want to create change and be future leaders. But don’t take our word for it. Check out some of the reviews below to see what others are saying.

Ready to start your career?


What will I learn?

There are three core components in the Industry Readiness Program:

  1. Online Learning – you’ll get up to speed on the latest industry developments and learn from experts.
  2. Soft Skills – you’ll learn how to communicate and work effectively, as well prepare for interviews.
  3. Coaching – one-to-one sessions with an industry expert to help you achieve your goals.

Find out more about each part below.

Online Learning

The objective of this program is to provide a flavour of real-life business situations and dilemmas, preparing you to perform in a real-life business environment. This program is designed to develop the business knowledge and skills needed for starters to perform in any role within the food and agribusiness value chain.

This program will be customized to suit your specific learning styles, subject interest and future ambitions. You will be taken through a personalized learning and development track over a 6 month period.

You can find sample content from the 60+ choices available in the sample content download below. We add at least 4 new products every month and you’ll also get access to any live sessions during your program.

Key points:

  • 3 compulsory functional modules (20 courses)
  • 1 compulsory soft-skills module (9 courses)
  • 1 optional module to choose from six possibilities (usually 6-9 courses)
  • Compulsory modules need to be finished for certification

You don’t need to feel overwhelmed about the amount of choice – one of our Learner Services team will help you build a plan that fits your ambition; but you can see the range of things available to suit your goals.

Soft Skills - Business Communication

The soft skills ‘Business Communication’ modules are:

1. Introduction to Communication – Basic of communication
2. Image Projection – Self-grooming and power dressing
3. Writing Skills – Coherence and cohesion
4. Resume/CV Writing
5. Group Discussion and Interview Skills – Being heard
6. Email Writing and Phone Conversations
7. Social Media Presence
8. Report and Research Paper Writing
9. Body Language and Confidence Building

Expert Coaching

As part of the IRP, you will have access to six coaching sessions.

Key points:

  • 3 functional coaching sessions (each session is 45 minutes)
  • 3 soft-skills coaching sessions (each session is 45 minutes)
  • A reflection report and assignment submission can exempt learners from soft-skills modules/coaching (in which case they can replace their soft-skills coaching with functional coaching)

One expert session should be scheduled early in the course, and the other sessions scheduled throughout the course, so that the expert can feedback on your progression and give you some advice on how to continue to apply this learning in your career.

Experts are also available on-demand after you finish the course, should you wish to continue to explore this topic and, as with all our courses, you will also have access to our learner forums to discuss ideas with other learners around the world.

You can get a feel for some of our expert coaches here.

When does it start?

You can enroll on the Industry Readiness Program at any time throughout the year. You will start by enrolling on the first module to give you the freedom to assess the course, but you will be treated the same as the 1500+ learners at Agribusiness Academy.

As part of the Industry Readiness Program, Agribusiness Academy is working with a number of companies to provide internship and job opportunities, so these will be present throughout the course.


• Must be a final year undergraduate, postgraduate or new professional
• Strong desire to work in food or agribusiness
• 4-6 hours per week commitment (can be fit around work and other studies)
• IRP is delivered in English. However, our soft skills curriculum is built to understand the needs of the non-native English speakers and is able to deliver strategies to improve their understanding of the language while building confidence.

How much does it cost?

The Industry Readiness Program costs ₹5000 per month which you can start with a refundable first payment, with no commitment to continue on the course.

The course lasts for 6 months and includes internship and career opportunities. With all of the learning, soft skills, coaching and job opportunities, you can expect to receive a fantastic return on your investment.

Get started by enrolling on the first month below.

Take the course guaranteed to get you a job


“I can see how the hands on approach from Agribusiness Academy has actually developed applicable skills needed for the real business world. ” 

   – Kristen Osgood

Apply today

After you apply, you’ll be invited to complete the Industry Readiness test, which will help us to work out the right set of modules and coaching for you. You’ll then be able to complete your first payment and start learning.

IRP at a glance

✓ 6 month program
✓ ₹5000 per month ($75)
✓ Guaranteed job outcome (or your money back)
✓ One-to-one expert coaching
✓ Online industry and soft skills modules

Application Form


Some of the frequently asked questions are listed below. You can always contact us using the button below or email

Is the Industry Readiness Program suitable for me?

IRP program is suitable for:

– General BBA and BCA students moving into final year (or graduates) and with an interest in Agribusiness, food processing and retail

– B.Sc. Agri and Food Technology students moving into final year (or graduates)

– General MBA students finishing up first year (or graduates) with an interest in Agribusiness, food processing and retail

– PGDAM students finishing up first year (or graduates) with an interest in Agribusiness, food processing and retail

How does Agribusiness Academy help me get a job/internship?

1) Our Industry networks from around the world reach out to us with their open internship/job positions

2) Our machine learning algorithm brings us special feed of all open internship/job positions published on the Internet

I have 1 more year to finish my Bachelors/Masters and your program duration is 6 months. Would you advise me to join the program now or in 6 months?

We would advise you to start your study during the summer break before you start the final year. That way you can spend more time on the online learning and coaching and start working towards getting the right internship project assignment before the final semester starts. This internship should be a strategic choice and should be leading to your job before you graduate.  Your IRP coaching team will support you through the entire process.

I only have a few months (less than 6 months) to graduate. Can I join the IRP Program and get a job placement before my graduation?

We suggest you join Industry Readiness Program as soon as you can. Our IRP team will try to get you to a job as soon as possible. The speed to the job very much depends on your current level of preparation and how fast you can get ready to the type of career you are seeking.

I have already graduated. How fast can I finish your IRP program and start a job?

Very much depends on how good your current level of preparation is and what career you are after. We shall try to speed up as much as we can from our end.

I do not have any industry preference but I'm open to Agribusiness, Food Processing and Retail sectors. I do not have any prior knowledge of the industry though. Does the IRP job guarantee work for me?

Yes, our IRP job guarantee will work for you. We shall guide you to appropriate internship/job opportunities as soon as our coaches (expert coach and soft-skills coach) feel that you can face the industry. It’s our promise that within 60 days (if not earlier) of completion of our IRP program you will secure a job; if not we will refund your money.

How can you assure us an internship and/or job?

We can assure you of Internship or Job:

  • Because of the trust we have on our learning and coaching approach and the value it adds to our learner
  • Because of our industry understanding and growing industry networks that are keen to recruit our IRP graduates
  • Because of the talent gap that exist in the industry globally

I am a Food Science/Engineering/Technology student. How does the IRP curriculum benefit me?

In 2 major ways:

  1. You will be able to clearly explain to businesses how your skill and approach can bring additional value
  2. You can get ready with the soft-skills needed to perform to the best of your potential
What will my salary be?

Your pay package will match – and in most cases better – the market standards. The more serious you are with the IRP program the better you can expect your incentives – businesses reward staff who can deliver value, and that is what the IRP teaches you to do. So you’ll have a great career start but also be in a position to progress quickly too.

Can I pick and choose courses to suit my interest from the Agribusiness Academy catalog?

Yes of course. In close collaboration with your coach you will get access to the courses that will help you graduate the IRP program and get to the career you are seeking.

What will I get in first month after enrolling on the IRP?

As part of month 1, you will get:
a) Login to the Learning Management System and community forum
b) 6 courses as the first month learning content
c) 1 coaching session with an expert

When will I be ready for job/internship with an IRP certificate?

Being ready for job/ internship with an IRP certification you need to finish:
a. 20 subject specific courses
b. 9 soft-skills courses
c. 2 assessment cases
d. 3 subject expert coaching sessions
e. 3 soft-skills coaching sessions

How do I interact with experts and other IRP learners?

You can interact the experts through discussion forums.

Do I have to pay full fee if I decide to discontinue after Month 1?

You do not have to pay any more if you decide not to continue further.

Do I get my $75 back if I don't like your learning experience?

Yes, within 48 hours after enrolling you can request your money back if you decide not to continue.

Whom should I reach out to for any technical and/or other challenges?

You can drop your questions/queries to:

What are the possible job profiles for me after graduation?

Some of the possible profiles are :

Potential Jobs in Ag Finance

  1. Ag Loan Officer
  2. Ag Budget Analyst
  3. Ag Controller
  4. Ag Credit Analysis
  5. Ag Economist
  6. Ag Financial Analyst

Logistic and Supply Chain

  1. Sourcing Manager/Co-ordinator
  2. Supply Chain Manager
  3. Logistics Manager
  4. Risk Management Specialist
  5. Inventory Specialist

Marketing Jobs

  1. Brand Manager
  2. Product Innovation Manager
  3. Category Manager
  4. Agri-Input Marketing Representative
  5. Agri-Input Business Development Representative
  6. Pricing Coordinator

Specialist jobs

  1. Agribusiness Analyst
  2. Greenhouse Manager
  3. Produce Inspector
  4. Production Manager
  5. Project/ Product Manager
  6. Quality Assurance Manager
  7. Grain Marketing Specialist
  8. Food & Beverage Manager